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KIDs Clinics

Welcome to Kirstie Marx Tennis kid's page. Kirstie teaches exclusively at Kildaire Farms Racket and Swim Club in Cary. Here you can read about the different clinics we offer and our pathway for junior tennis. Click the link at the bottom to be taken to the online registration page. 

Grades K-1st (ages 5-6) Foam and Red Balls 30-45 min class

This class uses the USTA 10 & Under format. Using foam and red balls on an 18x36 ft court this class is fun. The goal of this class is to introduce movement, hand-eye coordination and lots of laughter. Using age-appropriate rackets, hola hoops, bean bags and other fun inventive tools, this class is about games, having fun yet working with others. 

Grades 2nd-3rd (ages 7-8) Red Ball. 60 min class

In this class, we work on developing rally skills. Using red balls on an 18x36 ft court we introduce game competition and match play. Practice once per week with the opportunity for match play on Saturday. In this class, we do individual ball drills, hit with others and work on movement and having fun. Through games and feeding, your child will want to come back for more. 

Grades 4th-5th (ages 9-10) Orange/Green Ball

The main goal of this class is to develop proper technique, character and match-playing skills. Using orange and green dot balls on a 60ft court, we will focus on spins, movement and the mental side of the game. We will focus on point structure and tactics. Participating in Junior Team Tennis (JTT) is an option. 

Grades 6th, 7th and 8th (ages 11-13) Yellow Ball

The main goal of this class is to prepare players for middle school tennis and lower-level tournaments. Using yellow balls and occasionally green dot balls as we work on different skill sets. Most of the clinics will be focused on live ball and point play. Participating in Junior Team Tennis (JTT) is highly encouraged. Practice twice a week with match play on weekends. 

Grades 9th, 10th, 11th, 12th (ages 14-18) Yellow Ball

These players need to pre-register with coach Kirstie prior to signing up. The players in this clinic should be playing on their varsity high school team and participating in JTT and local tournaments. During this class, we will focus on the mental side of tennis as well as footwork, conditioning, live ball, and point play.


We strive to make our clinics fun, competitive and edifying. 


Please click the link below to view and sign up for Kirstie's junior tennis clinics.


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