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The USTA has put together a fantastic program to get people onto the tennis courts. Whether you have never played tennis before or are hoping to resurrect a childhood tennis career, or emulate the professionals you watch on the Tennis Channel, Try Tennis is the perfect way to develop your skills and acquire a community of avid tennis players you can connect with. For only $40, Try Tennis will provide you with a racket, T-shirt, and 6 hours of dynamic and innovative coaching with 30-year tennis professional, Kirstie Marx. Coach Kirstie will take you through every stroke in tennis, breaking them down and developing proper habits and techniques, and will prepare you to play matches with scoring, sportsmanship, and strategy tips. The opportunities for tennis through the Western Wake Tennis Association are endless, and Try Tennis provides an ideal way to start, by teaching the fundamentals of the game and networking you with other players who are interested in rallying, playing matches, and even joining competitive teams.

I currently do not have any Try Tennis clinics scheduled

More dates will be added, so keep checking back. 


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